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A pergola is an outdoor structure that adds beauty to your outdoor areas. We install pergolas for all uses in Palmdale and the Antelope Valley.

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Best Pergolas Projects In Palmdale, CA

Pergolas are an excellent complement to your backyard as they enhance your landscape, increase the aesthetic value of your home, and allow you to relax in your backyard.

We help you to explore how you can customize or personalize them according to your landscaping ideas.

Palmdale Patio Covers is the best go-to local professional who can help you with your Pergola project and make sure you get reliable and quality service.

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Pergola Styles

The Pergolas we build are highly customizable and personalized according to the needs of our clients. Here are some pergola styles:

Freestanding Pergola

A freestanding pergola is built as a separate landscape feature detached from your house. This type of pergola is found in the garden to provide a shade for your plants, or beside the pool.

Attached Pergola

An attached pergola is used to cover a space outside your houses like a deck or a patio. It delivers a look of an attached area or an extension of your house.

Arched Pergola

Pergolas generally have a flat roof, but you can also find pergolas with arched tops. They look more elegant compared to flat roof pergolas and are not very common.

Louvered Pergol

They have adjustable louvers instead of rafters. You can adjust the louvers to allow more or less sunlight. They are available in automatic or manual modes.

Awning Pergola

They do not need columns for support. They can be directly mounted on a door, window, or garage for shade.


Components Of A Pergola

The common parts of a Pergola:

  • Columns as the pillars and provide support to the pergola as well as serve as a framework for outdoor living spaces.
  • Beams and rafters make up the roof of the pergolas. The beams are built on the top of the columns and then the rafters are built on the beams.
  • Stringers are found in some Pergolas for additional support and more shade. They are built perpendicularly on top of the rafters.
  • Ledger boards are found in attached pergolas. They are optional and often replace the beam on the side to attach the pergola with the wall.

Pergola Materials

Pergolas can be made up of many materials which include:

Wood – Wood is a common and inexpensive material for pergolas. Cedarwood pergolas are more popular than redwood. Wooden Pergolas need repainting or restaining often to prevent pests and rotting. Maintenance costs are also significant.

Vinyl – Unlike wood, vinyl pergolas require less maintenance. They can last for years only with some occasional power-washing. High-quality vinyl is a bit costly.

Aluminum – Aluminum is a great choice to make your pergola more modern. They can blend in quite well with contemporary architecture and landscaping. They are more durable and do not require much maintenance.

Steel – Steel is another material that imparts a modern look but they are more commonly used for industrial purposes. Steel is a sturdy and durable material and also much heavier than aluminum. However, necessary precautions should be taken to prevent rusting.

Fiberglass – Fiberglass is weather-resistant and requires low maintenance. They are long-lasting and can hold paint so they can be painted in any color to match your home. They do not rust or rot easily. So, they are a convenient option but they may be expensive.

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