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We are Victorville’s local patio installation company. Palmdale Patios is one of the oldest and best known patio companies in Victorville, CA.

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Best Patios Services In Victorville, CA

We are here to help you install patios, sunrooms, pergolas, patio covers and outdoor kitchens. If you are spending your hard earned money on enhancing the look of your property, it is essential that you invest in a company that you trust. As a company that has won a lot of hearts with the quality of our work, Palmdale Patio Covers is the company you can trust. We use effective methods and modern technology to get the best results possible. We keep our promises and complete the work on time without compromising on the quality. We use locally manufactured authentic material while installing the patios, pergolas, patio covers, sunrooms and outdoor kitchen. Let us know when you need these services.

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Our Services

Palmdale Aluminum Patio Cover

Aluminum Patio Cover In Victorville

If you want to install patio covers for your patio Aluminum covers are the way to go. Patio covers are perfect to protect your patios from external elements that damage your property and the patio itself. Aluminum as a material is highly durable. It does not rot or rust, it is lightweight, strong and looks great as well.

There are several designs of aluminum covers available that you can choose from. If you want something unique, let us know. We can build custom aluminum patio covers that enhance the beauty of your patio. We have installed enough patios in our business to know what customers want and how to deliver it.

Pergolas In Victorville

Are you looking to install pergolas in your property? We are the right people you have come to. We are experts at installing pergolas for commercial and residential properties. Pergolas make it easy to spend time outside.

If you like reading outdoors, enjoying your coffee and enjoying the setting sun, pergolas are the best thing to install. You can talk to our experts about where you would like to install it, we will install it there.


Sunrooms In Victorville

We install a well ventilated and cozy sunroom in your property. If you have a garage, casita, big porch, or extra space in your property that you want to convert into a sunroom, this is your chance. We have skilled interior designers who can build the most beautiful looking sunrooms in your property.

Stone And Paver Patios In Victorville

We install stone and concrete patios that will enhance the look of your property. When you want something unique Palmdale Patio will give it to you. We are experts in patio installation.

We have installed the best looking patios in Victorville and you can trust us to install the best looking patios. Give us a call today to install patios in your property.

Stone And Paver Patios
Outdoor kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens In Victorville

Do you like cooking outdoors? Whether you are a single man or woman or a dad who likes to grill some meat for his family over the weekend, an outdoor kitchen makes it easy.

We will install a fully equipped oven, grills and stoves, and a cooking counter to complete your outdoor kitchen. If you have a design of an outdoor kitchen in your mind, let us know.

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